Specialty:  Christian Counseling

I Understand

You want real help for your pain, from someone who shares your faith. You want to know that you will be understood and counseled in alignment with God’s Word. You want to talk about “hearing” from God without your counselor judging you or dismissing it. You want someone who values prayer and seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I have been trained specifically in integrating psychology and Christianity and am experienced in inviting God into the healing process. I am able to utilize interventions such as prayer and scripture, if this is something you desire. I have worked for Christian nonprofits, in church settings, and with numerous pastors and missionaries. I have seen in my own life how faith in God has gotten me through my most difficult times. If you want professional counseling that will value your faith, you’ve come to the right place.

Not everyone comes to me seeking Christian counseling, and I will never impose my beliefs on others, but some of you sense that there is a spiritual aspect to your struggles. Your problems feel too big to deal with alone. Busyness, disappointments or burnout may have interfered with connecting to God and the closeness you once felt to Him. You feel led to explore spirituality or to return to your spiritual roots. I will help you engage the spiritual issues and questions that you have, and journey with you as you discover more about who and where God is in the midst of your storms.

I Help Provide Grace and Growth

Many people have experienced guilt and shame because they were told that their problems were the result of weak faith or sinful choices. I will never judge or blame you for your circumstances, but will help you discover different choices in the difficulties you’re facing.

Some of you may not have had fathers who were a positive role model and therefore may have trouble connecting with “Father God.” Some of you may see Him as angry, distant, or absent altogether. Some of you may feel that God is disappointed in you … or you may be disappointed in God. Some of you have been hurt by negative church experiences and/or spiritual abuse. No matter what your spiritual story is or what your current relationship with God looks like, I will accept you just as you are. If you are looking to grow, I want to support you in your spiritual development. I believe that God cares about your future and I want to partner with Him in helping you through this time.

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