Specialty:  Entertainment Industry

Do you feel blocked, creatively or otherwise?

Did you come to Los Angeles to pursue your dreams, but have found the path toward making those dreams become a reality confusing, arduous and chaotic? Maybe you find yourself wondering why it’s the middle-of-the-night and you are answering an email, reading a script or stressing about tomorrow instead of sleeping. Maybe you feel like no matter how high up the ladder you climb, you will never reach a place where you stop fearing rejection and can actually breathe. Or perhaps you have been able to attain fame and fortune, but feel that what you had to go through to get here wasn’t worth it (or you live in fear that it will all go away). Whatever your story is, you are not alone.

The not-so-glamorous side of Hollywood.

I know that working in the entertainment industry can be very different from the glitz and glamour that is portrayed, because I worked in film and television for many years. I also pursued being an artist (singer/songwriter) in the music industry. Although I still have a love for the entertainment industry, I also know how taxing it can be on friendships, relationships and work-life balance (if that exists at all). Just some of the difficulties of working in the industry can include:

  • working ridiculously long hours
  • being expected to do things that no one outside of this industry would ever ask of you
  • feeling the need to constantly network
  • finding that you never feel free from the stress and pressure
  • always wondering if this will be your big break
  • having the highs and lows of a project-to-project lifestyle
  • finding that connections are often rewarded more than talent
  • wondering if this is worth all the effort

I also know the impact that all of this can have on your personal life. As exciting as working in film/tv/music can be, it can also leave you immensely overwhelmed, unsatisfied and lonely. I want to help you move past whatever is making you feel stuck (pain, stagnation, anxiety) so that you can move forward in life.

I get it.

Sometimes it is helpful just to talk to someone who understands and speaks the language. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression or other issues, I can help. If you simply need to process where you are currently and where you’d like to go (in your career, relationships or life in general) with someone who is a veteran of the industry, I would love to be that person. Whether you are an actor, producer, writer, director, musician, editor, etc. – I believe there is a way to have your career and also have peace. I would like to help you not only survive, but thrive in your life.

Me too.

I would like to help anyone (male or female) who is struggling, but if you are a woman in this industry, I want you to know that I have been there. With everything that has been coming to the surface recently with the “me too” movement, I would really like to help any women who are struggling with how they have been treated in this industry. If you have been sexually exploited, harassed, assaulted, made to compromise your personal values, or been hindered in your success because you are not a part of “the boys club,” I want to hear your story. Because as Oprah recently said, speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have!

Trying to maintain a career and a relationship?

I also offer couples counseling, if you are having difficulties in your romantic relationship. If one or both of you work in the entertainment industry, that can bring added strain to a relationship. It can be difficult to explain to a partner who does not work in the industry why your job has such long hours, why you may have to travel so frequently, why you may need to be out many nights networking, etc. If both of you are in the industry, it can be almost impossible to find that one-on-one quality time together (especially if you are shooting on location or touring elsewhere a majority of the time).

Maybe you also dream of having children, but can’t imagine how you could balance your career with family life. Or maybe you have children already, but hate that you are rarely able to see them.

Also, if you are currently on the journey toward marriage, I encourage you to utilize my pre-marital counseling services.

I understand the unique stressors and circumstances that may be impacting you as a couple. And because I know your schedules are tight, I offer early-morning, lunch-hour, and late-night appointments.

What happens in my office, stays in my office.

No matter what your position is within the industry, I want you to know that anything said to me would never reach Page 6. Not only because I am bound to confidentiality as a therapist, but also because I have worked with some of the most prominent people in the industry, and I know how important your privacy, and the privacy of those you know, is.*

Whatever the reason you are considering counseling, I believe I can help. I know how crazy your schedule may be and you may feel you just don’t have time for this, but I am here to tell you that taking care of yourself is so important, not only for your peace of mind and the health of your relationships, but also for the longevity of your career.

I am located in close proximity to all of the studios in Burbank and Universal City and have daytime and evening hours, so give me a call at (323) 829-9405 for a free 15-minute consultation.

* The only exception would be when disclosure is required by law.