Specialty: Teens

As parents, we all want to know that our kids are going to be okay. And nothing is more likely to keep us up at night than the fear that they are not. We can spend much of our day trying to figure out when and how to help, and where to pull back and let them learn from their own mistakes. But when you see signs that your teenager might be depressed, that they’re withdrawing, or overly stressed and anxious, your instinct is to help in whatever way possible. For many teens, therapy might be the best option.

Signs that your teen may benefit from therapy:

  • They seem wound really tight, and even small things going wrong or not as planned, can lead to an emotional meltdown
  • They are withdrawing more, sharing less, and seem moody and irritable
  • They seem overly worried or scared about situations that aren’t that threatening
  • They expect themselves to be “perfect” and when they’re not, they can’t seem to let it go or move on
  • Conflicts or bullying have left them shaken, nervous to make new friends and trust again

Our kids today can feel under so much pressure, between grades, extra-curricular activities, college admissions, and social comparison. They don’t always have the tools to regulate their emotions or see the big picture. This is where I can help. Being able to talk about these things with a trusted adult, without fear of judgment, and learning the tools to manage what they are feeling, can make a world of difference at this stage of life.

You may also have some uncertainty: Is it really that bad? Will they just get over it on their own? But deep down, you sense that a caring professional could ease your son or daughter’s pain, help them feel better, and possibly provide some relief to your family as a whole.

I believe I can help. I have spent years working with teens in a variety of settings: as a youth group leader with Young Life, facilitating therapy groups at Montebello High School, mentoring teens in San Marino, and doing one-on-one therapy in community mental health and private practice. I have experience making teens feel comfortable and safe opening up and expressing their feelings, as well as teaching them new skills so that they can better manage their emotions and the future challenges that life brings. I believe that having some additional support can help them to learn the skills and mindset to navigate life’s pressures well and thrive in their future.

Want to know more? Give me a call (818) 397-0636 so we can discuss your concerns about your son or daughter and develop a plan for how I can help your teenager thrive in the midst of their challenges.