Specialty:  Teens

You are concerned about your teenager. Maybe you have noticed one of the following:

  • They are withdrawing and you do not know how to reach them
  • They seem argumentative and angry all the time
  • They are struggling with grief that they can not seem to share
  • They are spending time with friends whose influence concerns you

In the 15 years I have spent working with teens, I have learned how to build relationships where adolescents feel they can talk openly. They will find a safe place to identify and verbalize what they are feeling, to learn to manage overwhelming emotions, and to think through their choices. Through all this, I seek to partner with parents so that together we can best provide for your son’s or daughter’s needs.

I know it is really important to find the right person to work with your teen. Let’s talk to see if my approach is a good fit for your adolescent.