Specialty:  Relationships

Premarital:  I provide premarital counseling for couples wanting to start their marriage out on the right foot.  Typically premarital counseling consists of 4-6 sessions and covers the following topics:  communication and conflict resolution, money, sex, in-laws, family of origin dynamics, and marital roles.  I am certified in Prepare/Enrich (prepare-enrich.com) to offer a structured assessment or can tailor sessions to suit each couple’s needs.  

Marital:  I work with couples to re-establish the safety and connection they long for in relationship.  Many couples struggle with communication; for some this means constant arguing, for others it may mean operating more like roommates than partners.  I will help you to recognize how your and your partner’s responses are related to earlier life experiences, to share your needs and desires in a way that can be heard and understood by your partner, and ultimately to find deeper connection and more satisfying relating.  

Family of Origin:  Do you find yourself repeating patterns that you know stem from childhood but you can not seem to change them?  Do you struggle with establishing a strong sense of who you are as separate from your family?  Do you find yourself getting sucked back in to family chaos after repeatedly promising yourself it will never happen again?  I will help you to understand the dynamics of your family, recognize what your role was and how it affected you, and begin to make different choices in your current relationships and your future. If you are ready to start living your life, why not start today?